Hazel Park Promise Zone


Hazel Park has long enjoyed a strong community commitment to quality education. This commitment is highlighted by the Hazel Park Promise Zone. The Promise Zone guarantees all resident graduates of Hazel Park Schools a tuition-free path to an Associate's degree, often through pre-existing scholarships. This opportunity can be used at any accredited trade school, community college, college or university in the state of Michigan. A Promise Zone Scholarship is paid directly to a student's institution to cover tuition and fees only (books excluded). Promise Zone Scholars may receive other merit-based scholarships, but Pell, TIP or other government funding (loans not included) will offset a student's Promise Zone Scholarship. A Promise scholar must be a full-time student and must maintain a 2.0 grade point average or higher once they begin college to continue receiving his or her scholarship the initial semester.

To learn more, please contact Executive Director Kayla Roney-Smith at (248) 658-5107 or kaylaroney@hazelparkschools.org. Below is an informational video that highlights many frequently-asked-questions regarding the Promise Zone.