Environmental Info

Below are some resources to help everyone learn more about protecting our environment!

A “watershed” is another word for a river basin. Both signify an area of land that ultimately drains into a single body of water like a stream, river or lake. Hazel Park connects to what is known as the “Red Run Watershed”. Along with many other communities and organizations, the City of Hazel Park continues to support the protection of the Red Run and all other Michigan watersheds. To be successful not only today but for future generations requires the combined efforts of each and every resident.

Click hear to learn more about watersheds and why doing your part to protect them can create tremendous benefits for everyone

Rain Barrel InfoClick Here to learn about Rain Barrels
Landscaping InfoClick Here for tips on earth friendly landscaping

Concrete Washout Tips
Click Here learn how to properly handle concrete washout

Food Service Practices
Click here to learn how food services can reduce water pollutions

Clean Boating Practices
Click here for tips on clean boating practices

Aquatic Invasive Plants
Click Here to learn how to help prevent the spread of Aquatic Invasive Plants

Single Use Plastics
Click here to learn how to reduce single use plastics that end up polluting the local rivers and streams.

Rain Runoff
Click here to learn where rain runoff goes


Click Here for Oakland County Waste and Recycling Info

Oakland County's 24-Hour Pollution Hotline:

Upcoming Events with the Clinton River Watershed

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wrc water resources commissioner
Latest News From the Water Resources Commissioner

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Recycling Info


Everyone benefits from recycling! 

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Recycling Center - SOCRRA

SOCRRA is a municipal corporation founded in the early 1950's. SOCRRA consists of twelve member municipalities with a total population of approximately 283,000 and covers an area of 75 square miles.
Member cities are Berkley, Beverly Hills, Birmingham, Clawson, Ferndale, Hazel Park, Huntington Woods, Lathrup Village, Oak Park, Pleasant Ridge, Royal Oak and Troy.
SOCRRA operates a Transfer Station in Troy (on Coolidge north of 14 Mile) and a compost site in Rochester Hills. The Troy facility receives and compacts the mixed municipal solid waste for transfer to a private landfill for disposal. 
SOCRRA also operates a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) on Coolidge north of 14 Mile that receives recyclable materials collected at curbside by the member municipalities. These recyclables are delivered to the MRF where the material is weighed and placed on the various processing conveyors for further sorting and baling for shipment to markets. The MRF is designed to process 100 tons per day in an eight hour shift, or 26,000 tons per year.
SOCRRA has ongoing recycling education outreach programs including group tours of the Material Recovery Facility and Recycling 101 Workshops.  SOCRRA has sponsored a Recycling Jamboree which educates the public on reducing, reusing and recycling with emphasis on how to prepare recyclables for set out at curbside.

Visit the SOCRRA Web site to learn more!

RV Dump Sites

Click here to find  Recreational Dump sites near you!

Energy Action Plan

This report outlines a plan to guide the City of Hazel Park into a more sustainable future by coordinating municipal and community efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address climate change. The plan begins with an outline of the methodology used to create this plan and then reviews community conditions, both from an emissions and from a qualitative standpoint. Next, the report delves into the strategies and depicts the recommended tactics that can be used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The full report can be viewed by clicking on the "Energy Action Plan" tab above.

Prescription Drugs Recycling
Starting November 3, 2016, Expired Prescriptions can be dropped off at the Police Department Lobby for proper disposal. No sharps please! The Police Department is located within the City Hall Building at 111 E Nine Mile Road.