Water Shut-Offs


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Water Customers,

Michigan Senate Bill #241 (December 22, 2020) extended a mandate preventing cities from shutting off water services for non-paid balances, as part of an immediate COVID 19 response.

This bill was to keep water services flowing during the early months of the COVID pandemic but did not relieve water customers from the financial responsibility of paying for water they are using.

Senate Bill #241 is to expire on March 31, 2021.

April 1, 2021, water systems across the state will be allowed to resume water service shut offs for non-paid billing balances.

*The City of Hazel Park will resume water service shut offs in May of 2021 for accounts with a past due balance greater than $300.00.  This will be the shut off program threshold amount through July 2021. 

July 2021 threshold will be lowered for any accounts with a past due balance greater than $150.00.

In February 2021, the city sent a letter to accounts with a balance greater than $400.00.  This letter was to inform water users that they have high account past due balances and to pay down those balances without having the concern of water service shut off.  Below is a copy of that letter. 

(Please find the downloaded PDF here)

Please check your billing balances.  It will be on your current bill, view your account online, or call the Water Department for billing information (248) 546-4076.

 *Once the water service shut offs resume in May, any past due balances will need to be paid in full to have the water service restored. 

If you are renter, check with your Landlord or call the Water Department for the address balance.

 Thank you for your cooperation,

HP Water

 For payment assistance visit the city’s website under Water/Sewer Tab “Policy and Procedures” you will find several agencies you can contact that may offer payment assistance.