Distribution of Draft Master Plan

On May 26, 2020, the Hazel Park City Council approved the distribution of its draft Master Plan, in accordance with Michigan’s Planning Enabling Act:

 The link to the Plan can be view by clicking here.

This draft Master Plan is the result of a survey conducted in February of 2019, a week of public meetings conducted in March of 2019 and approximately a year of meetings dedicated to this Master Plan.  We had hundreds of people respond to the survey and over a hundred people attend the public engagement meetings.  I want to thank the Planning Commission and public for their hard, diligent work during the draft process.  Under the law, there is a mandatory 63-day review period of the draft plan.  Please be advised that the Planning Commission would then hold the required Public Hearing in September to receive and review additional public comments. The Planning Commission may then make a recommendation to the City Council for adoption of the final Master Plan.  Please send any questions or comments to jcampbell@hazelpark.org.

For additional information on the Master Plan, please see the Distribution of Draft Master Plan under Popular Links.