Tips to avoid frozen pipes! The City is not responsible for this!

If you have water one day and not the next, you most likely have frozen pipes. The City provides water service to the property, this service is deep underground below the frost line and is insulated by the earth. The water service from the city’s valve to the house and all the home’s plumbing belongs to the home owner. The city owns the water meter, however the homeowner is responsible for the safe keeping of the water meter. Poorly Insulated areas around the home cause the most issues of frozen pipes. Even the best kept home can have frozen pipes in the winter. It does not take much, a slight breeze or poor insulation during the coldest time of the year will freeze pipes. The City does not thaw frozen plumbing.

If you experience loss of water due to frozen pipes it is important that you seek professional help. The City is not responsible for this.
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