Avoid Freezing or Bursting Pipes in the Cold Winter


Avoid Freezing or Bursting Pipes in the Cold Winter


Here are some suggestions BEFORE winter temperatures set in!


Crawl Space:

                -Free of Drafts, Cover Vents

                -Keep Crawl Space Temperature Above Freezing

-Protect Plumbing with wraps or pipe insulation as needed


                -See that home is properly insulated throughout

                -Protect Plumbing that runs along outside walls


                -Keep doors open during extreme cold to allow heat to enter

                -Protect Plumbing inside of Cupboards…plumbing in these areas may not be insulated

Utility Rooms:

                -Keep Temperature Above Freezing

                -Protect Plumbing in Utility Rooms


                -Secure gaps with insulation

                -Protect Plumbing Near Gaps

Outside Faucets:

                -Water OFF to Outside Faucet

                -Remove Hoses

                -Protect Faucets from Cold Air (frost covers)

                -Protect Plumbing Connected to Outside Faucets

Attached Garages:

                -Keep Closed to Control Drafts

                -Protect Plumbing Inside of Garage

If you leave Town for the Winter:

                -Do all the above & have the home winterized

                -May want water shut-off at City’s Valve (call city for an appointment)

                -Have someone check on your home weekly


Once you have frozen pipes, the preventions listed above will no longer solve the problem.  You may need to call a professional that specializes in “Frozen Plumbing”.  Some methods, if not performed properly could be dangerous, you may need to leave it to a professional.  Pipes that freeze and are not thawed may burst and flood.


The City does not thaw frozen plumbing.

For the future, your local hardware store will sell many products to help insulate plumbing and keep it from freezing in the cold winter months.