Sidewalk Replacement Program


Section 4, Part 2


Sidewalk repairs will tentatively start June 6, 2018 in Section 4. Yellow shaded area.

If sidewalks are marked for replacement in your driveway, you may lose access for a brief period. The contractor will notify you before replacement.

Street Maintenance Parking Enforcement will be suspended in this area until work is completed.

 After Replacement please wait until all barricades are removed before walking or driving over any of the new concrete and please do not write in any new cement. If this happens you are subject to a replacement cost if it becomes damaged and needs replacement. Also, if you see anyone vandalizing new cement please contact the DPW Office: 248-542-0340 or after hours: The Police Department: 248-542-6161

PLEASE NOTE: Consumers Energy will also be doing work in this area at the same time. If your sidewalks are marked for replacement, work could be delayed at your home. Sidewalk replacement will take place after Consumers Energy has completed their work.

After the concrete work is complete within that section, the contractor will restore any landscaping to the previous state. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact: The Department of Public Works: Mon- Thurs, 7:00am to 3:00pm. 248-542-0340