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Consumers Project 4980a

In the next few weeks we will be updating natural gas pipelines in your neighborhood. This will likely require us to have to do some digging in your yard. This may be an inconvenience to you, so we'll do our best to keep disruptions to a minimum.

This upgrade helps ensure your family's safety while providing you with reliable natural gas service. Here's what you need to know before we start:

  • We will contact MISS DIG (8-1-1) to make sure that utility-owned underground lines are marked and flagged in our work zone. Please don't remove any flags or marks while the project is ongoing.
  • Please locate sprinklers, invisible dog fences, outdoor lighting or drainage lines. We will send a post card two weeks prior to construction beginning that will ask you to paint, flag or otherwise stake those facilities.
  • Our company-approved contractor may need access to your home to locate your sewer prior to construction.
  • Your natural gas service line also may need to be replaced and if the gas meter is located inside your home, we will need to move it directly outside. This work will require us to be inside your home. You may request an alternate outside location, however, you will be responsible for additional costs.
  • This work will interrupt your gas service for less than an hour. We'll work with you to relight your natural gas appliances.
  • Landscaping, grass, roads and sidewalks affected by our work will be restored.
    • If you aren't home, we will leave a door hanger with instructions how to proceed next.

If you are unable to have your gas temporarily disconnected, or have any other concerns, please call me directly at 248-433-5618. When  you call, please reference your project number 4980. If you can't get ahold of a project coordinator or it's after business hours and you need immediate assistance call 800-477-5050.

Thank you for being our customer and neighbor. We will continue to work to give you the best energy services possible.

Sincerely, Cheri Payne, Engineering Analyst

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