Garbage and Recycling Changes Summer 2017

Notice to All Residents Garbage and Recycling Changes Summer 2017

The City of Hazel Park will be experiencing several changes that effect garbage and recycling collection in the city.


Garbage Collection: Effective 7-1-17, the City will be switching from Tringali Sanitation to GFL Environmental USA INC.  Collection day (Monday), can size (35 gal) and weight restrictions (60lbs) remain the same.

Recycling Collection: Two improvements will occur this summer. First, between July and September, the regional recycling authority, SOCRRA, will begin to deliver new recycling carts to each single-family residential home.  Residents may begin using the carts immediately upon receipt.  Second, with the new cart residents can mix all their recyclables in one container.  Called mixed recycling, residents will no longer need to separate paper recyclables from plastic, metal, and glass.  Recycling will now be as easy as taking out the trash! Click here to read about mixed recycling!

For more information go to click on SOCRRA link  or call Hazel Park DPW at 1-248-542-0340.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience during this transition!