Mixed Recycling COMING SOON!

Mixed Recycling COMING SOON!

It's just as easy as taking out the trash!


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What are the changes coming in 2017?

There are two major recycling improvements underway at SOCRRA:

  • SOCRRA will be providing 65-gallon carts for recycling collection to all single-family households in SOCRRA member communities.
  • SOCRRA will be converting its Material Recycling Facility (MRF) to be able to process mixed recycling.

What is “Mixed Recycling”?

Currently SOCRRA collects materials in two streams – paper, and everything else (plastic, metal, glass containers), requiring recycling drivers to separate the two.  Mixed recycling is when all recyclables can be mixed together in both the recycling container and recycling truck. The sorting of materials is done at the MRF, rather than by the recycling drivers.

Why switch to carts for recycling collection?

SOCRRA is making recycling as easy as taking out the trash!  Proven benefits of switching to carts include more recyclables collected, increased convenience for residents to fit all their recyclables into one container, increased safety for workers, and potential cost savings. More materials diverted for recycling will increase revenue sharing for member communities thereby reducing disposal costs.

What is the timing of things happening in 2017?

The following are key dates for major activities. These dates are subject to change.

April 2017

  • MRF construction begins late April
  • Recyclables processed offsite during construction

May 2017

  • Begin communication outreach to residents about mixed recycling and cart delivery

July 2017

  • Cart distribution begins

September 2017

  • Cart distribution concludes

October 2017

  • Mixed Recycling MRF Construction completed
  • Grand Opening of Mixed Recycling MRF


When will my cart be delivered?

Carts will be distributed over the summer of 2017 to SOCRRA’s 100,000 households.


Where will my recyclables go during construction?

Recyclables will still be collected and processed during the Mixed Recycling MRF Construction period.  SOCRRA has arranged for recyclables to be processed at another facility so there will be no disruption to the collection of recyclables while the MRF is undergoing construction.

Will I still be able to use the other services at SOCRRA’s Coolidge location during MRF Construction?

All other recycling operations at Troy including Recycling Drop-Off, Household Hazardous Waste disposal, and Electronics Recycling will continue during the construction shut-down period.

How will this information be communicated to residents?

A comprehensive education and outreach campaign will be conducted before, during, and after the cart distribution.  Each community will be actively involved in this campaign, and we will be using existing communication tools for this purpose. Here is a list of activities identified so far:

  • Regular updates on SOCRRA’s website, eNewsletter and Facebook.
  • Information provided for member community newsletters and social media
  • Sample carts on display in throughout your city
  • Information available at community events