Water/Sewer Services

Call the Water Department

  • If you have received an unusually high or low water bill to set an appointment for a service person to check for leaks and/or stopped meters. 
  • If you notice water leaking up from streets, sidewalks, grass areas or fire hydrants so repairs can be completed

Storm Sewers

The Sewer Department cleans the sanitary and combined sewer lines on a daily basis, weather permitting. This does not apply during the months of January and February.

The Sewer Department cleans catch basins bi-annually, and on an as-needed basis. Call the Sewer Department if you notice standing water in the streets, please call our Sewer Department so the problem can be determined and the appropriate repairs completed. 

Sewage Backups

Any resident or business who experiences a sewage backup of any type should call our Sewer Department. A determination will be made if the problem is within the sewer system, or advise the citizen of where a problem may exist.