Public Works Services

Compost and Wood Chips
Will be Located at Kennedy Park in the parking lot. At the end of E Robert street off of Dequindre south of 9 Mile. Whenever it is available.

Trash Bags
Plastic trash bags may be purchased at the Treasurers Office (City Hall) or the DPW office for $ 13.50

Garbage Carts
-95 GAL. GARBAGE CARTS - $55.00/ea. 
-Purchase at DPW with cash only. Or the Treasurers Counter with any form of payment, delivery only.
-Carts are not required.
-Carts can be delivered if need be.
-Carts are not warrantied to be critter or damage proof.
-Recommended to hold 200lbs or less.
-Carts are not permitted to be used for yard waste.
-These carts are approved by SOCRRA, because they are compatible with the trash collection equipment.
-Cart previously purchased from the garbage contractors are still acceptable.
-Otherwise approved containers are 35 gallons and under

Recycle Carts
Replacement 65- Gal = $30.00/ea.
95 Gal = $50.00 /ea.

95-Gal Swap  = $20.00 Up-Charge 
A 95 Gallon can is recommended for larger amounts of recycling opposed to 2 or more 65 Gallon carts.

Businesses can also start recycling programs!
Contact SOCRRA @248-288-5150 to start today!

Please contact the Hazel Park Police Department or DPW to report streetlights that are not working and We can report them to DTE. You may also report them to DTE yourself. After we report them you can follow up with DTE regarding the Status.

Please see the Sidewalk Replacement Program Info.

Street Parking Ordinance May 27, 2008
Please see the Ordinance for details.

Street Parking Permits
In order to be able park in the street on your designated Street Maintenance Day if you do not have a driveway or for other situations, please apply at the DPW office at 24211 Couzens. Copies of Valid License, Registration, and Insurance are required for each vehicle at the time of application. All applicants are subject to denial. Each approved Permit is $15.00 fee. Cash only.

Click here for the Street Parking Permit Application 

Street Maintenance
Street maintenance is performed year-round and includes: street sweeping, tree trimming, sewer repair and maintenance, water main repair, concrete and sign replacement. 

In order to efficiently perform these duties the City of Hazel Park enforces a No Parking Ordinance.  Please verify which day is Street Maintenance Day for your neighborhood.  Make sure all vehicles are off the streets from 7:00 a.m. -4:00 p.m. on your assigned Street Maintenance Day.

Street Sweeping
Starting in April, all local streets are swept bi-weekly. Vehicles must be removed from the streets on assigned Street Maintenance Days in order to allow the street sweeper to clean along the curb. Emergencys, bad weather and Holidays can effect the schedule. Please see the street sweeping map schedule here.

Snow Emergency
A snow emergency will be called prior to plowing local streets of five or more inches of snow. In the event a snow emergency is called, all vehicles must be removed from the street in order for snowplows to clear the streets curb to curb. Tune into your local news stations, or the following radio stations: WJR, WOMC, WWJ, WXYT. The local public access cable channels will also post information. 

Residents and business owners must clear their driveway approaches of snow after the plow has cleared the street. Please do not put snow back into the street after the plow has cleared the streets.

Presciption Drugs Recycling
Starting November 3, 2016, Expired Prescriptions can be dropped off at the Police Department Lobby for proper disposal. No sharps please! The Police Department is located within the City Hall Building at 111 E Nine Mile Road.

City Tree Planting Application
Click here to download Application Form

Any owner of residential property requesting to plant a tree located on the Right of Way must follow the following guidelines and must be approved by the Department of Public Works.

MISS DIG must be called prior! 1-800-482-7171. MISS DIG will issue the earliest legal start date possible, usually three business days after you contact MISS DIG. Owner is then responsible for clearing any other utilities with those entities.

Please mark proposed planting location with a stake.

Approved Tree Species:




State Street Maple

50 ft

Dark green foliage. Leaves turn yellow in fall. Gray bark. Low maintenance.

Sterling Silver Linden

45 ft

Dark green foliage with silver undersides. Gold in the fall. Yellow flowers. Low maintenance.

Glenleven Linden

50 ft

The green foliage turns yellow in fall. Features fragrant yellow flowers in early summer.  Relatively low maintenance.

Brandywine Maple

45 ft

Beautiful red/purple fall foliage.

Kwanzan Cherry

25 ft

Beautiful blossoms on this tree provide wonderful aesthetic appeal.


50 ft

Has high wildlife value and provides beautiful golden foliage in the fall.

Click here to download Application Form