Seasonal Weather Info


Snow EmergencyA snow emergency will be called prior to plowing local streets of five or more inches of snow. In the event a snow emergency is called, all vehicles must be removed from the street in order for snowplows to clear the streets curb to curb. For the latest updates, check the City’s Website or tune into your local news stations, or the following radio stations: WJR, WOMC, WWJ, WXYT or the local public access cable channels.
Residents and business owners must clear their driveway approaches of snow after the plow has cleared the street. Please do not put snow back into the street after the plow has cleared the streets.

Red Street Parking Permits - For any resident with a Red Street Parking Permit, who does not have a driveway or residents who have designated Handicap Parking, shall be exempt from the requirement to move vehicles from the street in the event of a snow emergency. However Owners of vehicles which are exempt that have not been moved from the street during snow emergencies, shall be required to move said vehicles(s) and clear the snow which has fallen or accumulated as a result of snow plows within twenty four hours of the declaration of a snow emergency.

 Snow Emergency Parking fines are now $75.00 as of March 20, 2014


  snow While the city tries to minimize the amount of snow that  gets plowed into driveways, it is unavoidable. Clearing driveway openings is the responsibility of the homeowner. Plow blades cannot be lifted as     they pass by a driveway. Snow gets plowed into driveways as we perform curb-to-curb plowing. Shoveling, plowing and snow blowing snow back into the street is prohibited.                  

Sidewalk Snow and Ice Removal
- The occupant of any premises, or the owner of any unoccupied premises, is required to keep the sidewalks in front of or adjacent to such premises cleared, so far as is practicable and reasonable, from snow and ice to facilitate pedestrian use. Where there are no sidewalks, the occupant or owner shall clear a path free from snow and ice where a sidewalk would otherwise be, to facilitate pedestrian use. Whenever any snow or ice has fallen or accumulated, it shall be cleared within twenty-four (24) hours after it has fallen or accumulated. As we perform curb-to-curb plowing, snow can end up on sidewalks. Unfortunately this is also Unavoidable. Shoveling, plowing and snow blowing snow back into the street is prohibited. 

Snow Pile Locations – As you or someone else are shoveling, snow blowing or plowing, please keep in mind the locations at which the snow is being piled. Please make sure piles are not large enough to block views of vehicles while they are pulling out of driveways and turning off side streets or driving within parking lots. 

Snow Emergency Lifted- Once every street is cleared a Snow Emergency will be lifted. After the Snow Emergency has been lifted the Department of Public Works will continue to clean streets as needed on Street Maintenance days weather permitting.  

Abandoned Vehicles – Please report any abandoned vehicles to the Hazel Park Police Department before the winter season. This will aid in the effectiveness of snow removal efforts.

Frozen Pipes

If you have water one day and not the next, you most likely have frozen pipes.

The City provides water service to the property, this service is deep underground below the frost line and is insulated by the earth.

The water service from the city’s valve to the house and all the home’s plumbing belongs to the home owner.  The city owns the water meter, however the homeowner is responsible for the safe keeping of the water meter.

Poorly Insulated areas around the home cause the most issues of frozen pipes.  Even the best kept home can have frozen pipes in the winter.  It does not take much, a slight breeze or poor insulation during the coldest time of the year will freeze pipes.  The City does not thaw frozen plumbing.

Areas to check BEFORE winter temperatures set in!

House Crawl Space:  This area of the home generally does not have a heat source and is poorly insulated, it also has open venting that allows air to pass through.  This area of the home needs to be protected from the cold.  Your homes water service comes through this non insulated area.  The service pipe can freeze in this area of the home during the cold temperatures of winter.   You may need to cover venting for the winter, protect plumbing with wrap or other, and see that the area under the home is not below freezing.

Poor Insulation:  During the extreme cold, plumbing next to cold walls may freeze.  You will need to protect plumbing that runs along cold walls from becoming too cold.  Proper insulation will help.

Inside of Cupboards:  Homes without basements may have the service line and water meter in a cupboard within the home.  The inside of cupboards can reach freezing temperatures in the extreme cold of winter, causing pipes and meters to freeze.  Leave cupboards open to allow heat to get inside the cupboards.

Utility Rooms:  Homes without basements may have a utility room, this room may have much of the home’s plumbing running through it.  Service lines, water meters, & hot water tanks may be in the utility room.  Many of these rooms are not properly insulated and may cause freezing of home’s plumbing within the utility room.

House Gaps:  Gaps in siding, foundation mortar, or missing foundation blocks can be let cold breezes into an area where plumbing will freeze.

Outside Faucets:  Remove garden hoses and cover faucets to keep them from conducting cold along the plumbing going into the home.

Attached Garages:  Can be a source of cold drafts in the cold winter.  Keep garage doors closed and protect plumbing within the garage from drafts that can cause freezing.

Leaving for the Winter:  Follow all the tips above.  You may want to contact a professional to properly winterize your home while you are away.  You may also contact the city to have the water shut off to your home while you are away.  Call the city for an appointment.

Once you have frozen pipes, the prevention listed above will no longer solve the problem.  You may need to call a professional that specializes in “Frozen Plumbing”.  Some methods, if not performed properly could be dangerous, you may need to leave it to a professional.

The City does not thaw frozen plumbing.

For the future, your local hardware store will sell many products to help insulate plumbing and keep it from freezing in the cold winter months.



With increasing weather temperatures, there may be some standing water in roadways.
 Residents are encouraged to clear any storm drains that may be near your home. That will aid in the clearing of the water.

Please keep in mind that melting snow surrounding your home may also leak into your basements.

We ask everyone to be patient during these times.

Yard Clean up
Yard Waste pick up tentively begins the first Monday in April.

Street Sweeping
Residential Street Sweeping tentivley starts the first week in April. You may see the sweeper out before April, they will be cleaning up the major streets first. We ask everyone to be patient. We will be working our hardest to make it through the entire city in a timely matter, weather permitting.


Please Do not rake leaves into the street.

All leaves must be put into paper leaf yard waste bags or trash cans labeled with a yard waste sticker. Containers are limited to 35 gallons, not to exceed 60 lbs

Plastic bags are not acceptable

Also, Yard Waste pick-up is scheduled until the 1st Monday in December

Yard Waste Stickers are available at City Hall Mon- Thurs 8:30am – 5:00 pm at the Treasurers counter. Or at the DPW Office located at 24211 Couzens Mon - Thurs 7:00am - 3:00pm