Code Enforcement Policies & Procedures

Foreclosure Information

  • The date a property is foreclosed begins what is typically a six month period called the redemption period. 
  • During that time, property owners are still responsible for the maintenance of their property.  
  • Hazel Park is strictly enforcing this, and will write code violations/tickets to property owners who do not adequately maintain a property during the redemption period.

Rental Property

  • The City of Hazel Park requires all landlords to have a Landlord License.  
  • Both landlords and tenants are responsible for property upkeep and maintenance.     


  • Landlords and Businesses are required to be licensed by the City of Hazel Park.  
  • Please call the City Clerk for details (248) 546-4064.

Seasonal Maintenance

  • The changing of the seasons brings with it numerous code issues.  
  • Please refer to the information listed below to make sure you are in compliance with seasonal code ordinances.

Fall - Leaf Removal

  • Leaves are required to be disposed of in biodegradable bags, or in containers with approved waste stickers (available at City Hall).  
  • DO NOT place leaves in plastic bags, or rake into the street.

Winter - Snow Removal

  • The City of Hazel Park requires occupants of any premises, or the owner of any unoccupied premises to keep sidewalks in front or adjacent, within reason, clear of snow and ice to facilitate pedestrian use. 
  • Snow must be cleared within 24 hours of the snowfall.