Animal Control

The Hazel Park Animal Control Department is no longer staffed by a Full-Time Animal Control Officer but is now maintained by Part-Time and Volunteer staff.

You can contact the animal control officer by:

  • Calling the Hazel Park Police Department Dispatch Center at (248) 542-6161, Ext. "0"
  • E-mailing at

When residents call for the service of the animal control officer, we have noticed that there are common questions for which we can provide answers or direction. Please take a moment and review the frequently asked questions before calling.

A person who has seen a opossum, what should they do?

Will animal control trap nuisance animals?

How do I obtain a Trap?

Who do I report a lost or found animal?

How do I report a lost or found animal?

I have a general question pertaining to animals, who do I call?

What are the fees for release of impounded animals?