Mobile Communication Support Unit (MCSU)

citizen_patrol_carThis is a uniformed civilian volunteer group dedicated to safe streets and neighborhoods. Members do not possess police powers or authority.

The unit has been in existence since the 1960s and has provided non-police assistance to the community during storms, emergencies, power outages, special events, carnivals, festivals, fairs, serious motor vehicle accidents, etc.  

The MCSU has high quality radio communication capability with its base run out of the City of Hazel Park's Community and Recreation Building as well as direct communication with Hazel Park Police dispatch.

The support unit is continuously looking for new recruits.  Applicants must meet the unit's minimum standards as well as requiring a good driving record and a clear criminal history.

The unit works with police and neighborhood groups to increase visual presence by patrolling in highly visible vehicles.  While acting as the eyes and ears of the police department, being a member can provide an active opportunity for community citizen involvement.

Citizens interested in becoming involved in your city and your neighborhood are encouraged to apply for membership to this valuable citizen group. There is a minimum time commitment required. 

For more information please contact our MCSU Website: