The Hazel Park Police Department is striving to be on the cutting edge of law enforcement service to the community of Hazel Park.  Hazel Park is located in one of the nations largest metropolitan areas. Despite the size of the surrounding metropolitan area, this city maintains a small town charm and warmth about itself.

The police department's goal is to provide small town service with large city professionalism. With an agency of 40 plus members, we are able to provide many essential services. These services include:

  • Traffic Enforcement
  • Bicycle Patrol (Special Events) 
  • K-9 Patrol Unit

Fully staffed Investigative Services Bureau which includes:

  • Auto Theft Prevention (C.A.T. / "Curtail Auto Theft" unit)
  • Narcotics enforcement (N.E.T. / "Narcotics Enforcement Team")
  • Juvenile/Youth Officer (Special Victims)
  • Crime Prevention Officer
  • School Liasion Officer
  • Staff of detectives 

The department also staffs a full service 24-hour road patrol division with in-house evidence technicians and advanced automobile accident investigators. Our patrol division is able to respond on average in 3 minutes or less to priority calls.

All of these services and bureaus are bolstered by the latest technology available in law enforcement to assist in getting the job done effectively and efficiently.

The Hazel Park Police Department has updated its Emergency 911 and dispatch services by integrating it with computer technology. This computerization allows locating, identifying and dispatching the right service to the caller as quickly and professionally as possible.

Computerized data terminals and video cameras in police cruisers as well as state of the art computer fingerprinting and mug shot/booking systems are in place. Our investigators use video conferencing computer technology to confer with Oakland County Prosecutors while requesting warrants without ever having to leave the police station. This saves valuable time, allowing the detectives to spend more time time on other case investigations and preparation. In the long run, the community is better served.

To sum it all up, the Hazel Park Police Department is not only available to "Serve and Protect", we are poised to do it with honor, integrity and with the latest crime fighting and service technology available anywhere. The City of Hazel Park maintains itself as a desirable place to purchase a home, raise a family, start a business or just visit. The Hazel Park Police Department’s mission is to insure that quality of life is maintained and able to be enjoyed by all