Policies, Procedures & Licenses

Hazel Park City Clerk's Office
111 E. Nine Mile Rd.
Hazel Park, MI 48030

The City of Hazel Park requires the following licenses and permits. A brief description of each follows, including the cost* for application.

Licenses, applications and other forms can be downloaded from Forms & Applications page.

 Properties vacant for more than 30 days must be registered with the City Clerk's office. There is a registration fee of $225.00 and a monthly administrative fee of $25.00 for each month that the property remains vacant. Please call the City Clerk's Office for additional information. Houses will need to be inspected prior to occupancy. Insepction costs are included in the registration fee.

: The Animal Control facility is located at 24211 Couzens Ave.  For lost or found animals, surrendering or disposition of deceased pets, and all applicable fees please contact the Police Non-Emergency at (248) 542-6161, DPW Animal Control facility at (248) 542-0340, or the Animal Control Officer at (248) 546-4096.

Business Licenses are $300.00 and are biennial from May 1st of each odd-numbered year to April 30th of the following odd-numbered year (e.g., 5/1/2019 - 4/30/2021). All new applicants should first confirm with the Planning & Economic Development Dept. that their proposed business complies with Zoning restrictions.

All individuals, groups or organizations distributing handbills, peddling, or soliciting need to apply with the City Clerk's office.  Please allow appropriate time for individual departmental approvals of the license application.  Fees are $100.00 per year (May 1 - April 30).

Junk/scrapping licenses are $100.00 annually (May 1 - April 30). A Valid Driver's License, vehicle registration and proof of insurance are required at the time of application. IMPORTANT: Please refer to Sections 5.39 & 8.29.310 of City Ordinances with regard to Junk licenses and the scavenging of authorized recyclable Materials. 

Property owners are required to have a valid license in place before renting out a property. Licenses are issued on a fixed two-year calendar system. Property Management companies must provide a copy of the current agreement at the time of application along with a copy of the property owner's current Driver's License and Application signer's Driver's License.

First-time applicants should contact the City Clerk's office for the appropriate application fee (proration or back fees applicable) and license expiration date. Biennial renewal costs are as follows:
-  Single-Unit Residential or Commercial: $300
- Multi-Unit Residential (2+ units): 
$300.00 for  first unit, $100.00 per additional unit.
- Multi-Unit Commercial (2+ units): $300.00 per unit

Pets over six-months of age must be licensed. No more than three dogs and/or cats may be kept in any dwelling unit. For spayed/neutered pets, a one-year tag is $8.00, a two-year tag is $12.00, and a three-year tag $16.00. For non-spayed/neutered pets, the prices are $16.00, $24.00, and $32.00, respectively. You must provide a copy of the pet's current rabies vaccination certificate at the time of application.

Any person desiring to keep rabbits or poultry must apply to the City Manager's Office in writing, describing the place where the applicant proposes to keep such rabbits or poultry, the number thereof, the distance from such place to the public streets on each side and the distance to the dwelling houses upon the lands adjoining such proposed place.

Microchip implantation for dogs can be obtained by contacting your local veterinarian, or by calling 1-800-252-7894 to find the American Kennel Club vet nearest you. A statewide tattoo identification registry for dogs is maintained by the Michigan Department of Agriculture. For more information, call (517) 373-1077 or visit: http://www.michigan.gov. For dog tattoos, call 1-800-252-7894 or visit www.akccar.org.