Mayor & Council


The Mayor and City Council comprise the City of Hazel Park's legislative body. They are elected at-large for terms of two years. 


Mayor Janice Parisi

Mayor Jan Parisi is Hazel Park's first female mayor. She has served on the Hazel Park City Council since 2003.  Ms. Parisi co-founded the Hazel Park Neighborhood Enrichment Committee and the Marketing Action Team. She is a past president of the Hazel Park Lions Club and is a Melvin Jones Fellow.


Mayor Pro Tempore Jeffrey Keeton

Mayor Pro Tem Jeffrey A. Keeton has served on the Hazel Park City Council since 2002. Prior to his service on city council, Mr. Keeton served as Mayor of Hazel Park from 1991 to 1995. Mr. Keeton is a U.S. Navy veteran who also served with the City of Detroit’s EMS Department. He recently retired as a Business Agent for I.U.O.E. Local # 547.


Councilman Andrew LeCureaux

Councilman Andy LeCureaux has served on the Hazel Park City Council since 2001. He is the owner/operator of Andrew’s Appliance Installation. Mr. LeCureaux serves as Hazel Park’s delegate to the Southeast Oakland Resource Recovery Authority and the Michigan Municipal League. Mr. LeCureaux is also a member of the Hazel Park Youth Assistance Committee.



Councilman Michael Webb

Councilman Michael Webb has served on the Hazel Park City Council since 2001. Prior to his service on the council he served as a Planning Commissioner for several terms, and he continues to serve on the Memorial Day Committee. Professionally, Mr. Webb is the owner of Taylor Auto Maintenance, located on John R Rd. in Hazel Park. 


Councilman Thomas Selman

Councilman Tom Selman was a graduate of Hazel Park High School and resident of Hazel Park for 68 years. Mr.Selman is a longtime American Legion member. Previously, he served on City Council from 1994-1995, Civil Service Commission, ZBA, and Hazel Park Education Board. Tom Selman also served in the Army from 1965-1967.