Hazel Park offers its own unique, small town charm in a lively urban setting. Friendly neighborhoods, tree-lined streets and friendly mom-and-pop shops make up the fabric of a truly one-of-a-kind community.
Located in the heart of Southeast Michigan, Hazel Park sits at the intersection of the tri-county area, offering immediate access to Metro Detroit's businesses, attractions, sporting events and night life. Take time to explore Hazel Park, an affordable, family-friendly community. It's a great place to live, work or visit.
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Former HP Police Chief Charles W. Young Passes
Former Hazel Park Chief of Police Charles W. Young, Sr., passed away yesterday at the age of 87. Hired in 1951, Mr. Young worked his way up through the ranks to become Chief in 1967, where he served with distinction until his retirement in 1984. He also served as President of both the Southeastern Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police and the South Oakland County Chief's Association, as well as being Chairman of the Awards & Citation Committee of the Michigan Association of Cheifs of Police. Mr. Charles W. Young was one of the finest policemen the City of Hazel Park has ever known. He will be greatly missed.
More Results from John R Task Force
Even more south John R Rd. cleanup is taking place. Pictures of this business being repainted were taken earlier today (10/6/15). Further results by the John R Task Force!
Grand Opening for Cellarmen's Oct. 17th
Grand Opening for Cellarmen's is Saturday, October 17th at noon. Great to see yet another cool new business coming to Hazel Park!
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