The Friendly City, Hazel Park offers small town charm in an urban setting. Tree-lined streets, middle class neighborhoods, active community service groups and unique mom and pop shops make up the fabric that is uniquely Hazel Park.
Located in the heart of Southeast Michigan, Hazel Park sits at the intersection of the tri-county area, and offers immediate access to Metro Detroit's business district, attractions, night life and sporting events. Take time to explore Hazel Park, an affordable, family-friendly community, and a great place to live, work, and raise a family.
  • rsz hp art garden for website
  • Hazel Park Fire Station
  • Hazel Park Police Department
  • Memorial Day Festival
  • Chief Mark Karschnia, Representative Ellen Cogen-Lipton, and Chief Martin Barner at the State Capital for the 911 Memorial in 2013
  • Julie Fournier at the First Annual Art Fair in Hazel Park
Informaton for renters with flood damage:

If you rent a home in the City of Hazel Park and are having problems with your landlord not fixing damages related to the recent flooding, please call City Hall at (248) 546-4075 or email us through our website via the Contact Us tab.
Storm Clean up


Due to the storm on Friday September 5, 2014. We are continuing cleanup of trees throughout the city.

Please follow the brush collection guidelines if you have any branches that you need to dispose of.

Brush Collection Guidelines


  • Brush 4 ft. to 12 ft. long, 1-6 inches in diameterA contractor will go thru the entire city every Wednesday Brush can be put to the curb  with all cut ends facing the same direction and, neatly stacked and not tangled. . You do not need to call for collection. Should be out by 7:00am to ensure pick up. Brush must not have vines, dirt, roots, or debris mixed in. The contractor will remove up to 15 minutes worth per household per week.
  • All brush under 4 ft. long must be tied and bundled, not to exceed 18 inches in diameter per bundle and can be put to the curb on Monday with Yard Waste.
  • Any tree branches larger than 6 inches in diameter are considered logs. Logs must be cut into 2 ft. lengths or less, bundled and set out with trash on Monday. Bundles cannot exceed 60 lbs.
  • When a resident or contractor cuts down a tree, the resident or contractor is responsible for brush removal.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Department of Public Works 248-542-0340.

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Flood Damage
People who are physically or financially unable to clean the flood damage within their homes can call Oakland County at 248-858-1843 for assistance.
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