Selection Process

Examinations Prior to a Conditional Offer of Employment

The following examinations, investigations and inquiries will be made of all qualified candidates as they pass from one step to another and after meeting all EMPCO requirements. Failure to meet minimum criteria at any level of the process will render a candidate ineligible for further consideration.

  1. Written or Performance Test: A basic skills test will be administered to all candidates who meet the qualifications established for the position advertised. To successfully pass the test, minimum established scores must be reached.
  2. Oral Interview: An oral interview will be required of all candidates who have met the minimum criteria on the administered test. The oral interview is designed to evaluate the knowledge, skills and abilities of the candidates as compared to the essential job functions of the position being filled.
  3. Background Investigation: Candidates who have met the minimum criteria in the testing and interview stages will be required to submit to a background investigation that is suitable for the position.


An investigation of the candidate will not be conducted unless the candidate completes the following:

  1. Necessary waivers of confidentially and Phase One Release of Information forms.
  2. A confidential background questionnaire.

Examinations After Conditional Offers of Employment

  1. As vacancies are filled the most qualified candidate(s) will be extended a conditional offer of employment contingent upon the successful completion of some, or all of the following examinations and conditions:
    1. physical exam
    2. psychological evaluation
    3. urine drug screen
    4. eye exam and vision test
    5. MCOLES training and certification qualification or attainment
    6. Candidates shall complete the Phase Two Release of Information forms.

Notification of Ineligible Candidates
Candidates who are found to be ineligible during any part of the selection process will be notified of the reason(s) for ineligibility by letter (at the address on the application form) within 30 days of the determination of ineligibility.