Application Process

  1. During the announced application period, the candidates shall complete the EMPCO Entry-Level Exam (Currently $75.00) as well as any other forms needed for EMPCO.
  2. The EMPCO Exam must be completed and you must select Hazel Park Police as a choice agency prior to the published deadline.
  3. Appropriate Proof of Certification as a Police Officer or MCOLES pre-employment written and physical testing shall be provided to EMPCO if required.
  4. Falsification of information contained on the application or background questionnaire will result in exclusion from further consideration or dismissal from employment if found after employment.
  5. Upon selection from the candidate list by the Department, candidates shall complete a Hazel Park Police Department application and a background questionnaire and sign an official Release of Information form.
  6. The Hazel Park Police Department application and background questionnaire must be completed in their entirety and returned to the assigned background investigator prior to the deadline established by the background investigator.