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John R - Construction Update
Tentatively Construction on John R Road will begin Monday September 23rd from Ten Mile to Chestnut Ave.
One Northbound and One Southbound lane will remain open during construction.
The scope of the work will be cutting out and removing bad sections and replace with new concrete. Similar to what is being done on 9 Mile.
After this section is complete, lane markings will remain the same.
Next Spring work will continue from Chestnut Ave to Northbound Chrysler Service Drive.
After all work is completed on John R north of the Service Drive, lanes will be marked to match the rest of John R to include the bike lanes.
Thank you for your cooperation.

9 Mile Rehabilitation Project Update:
Tentatively this project is scheduled to start August 19, 2019
Please obey any temporary traffic control signage.
This project will take several weeks to complete. So we are asking everyone to please take alternative routes if possible.



The  City  of  Hazel  Park  will  be  removing  and  replacing  the  asphalt 
surface on portions of Woodward Heights Blvd. between Pilgrim Ave. 
to  S.  Chrysler  Dr.,  and  Battelle  Ave.  to  Hazelwood  Ave.  This  work  is 
scheduled to be done during the month of October 2019. Access will 
be maintained for residents during the duration of construction. 
Cadillac  Asphalt  has  been  awarded  the  contract  for  the  street 
construction.  Nowak  &  Fraus,  Consulting  Engineer  for  the  City  of 
Hazel Park, will monitor all work. 
Please call Justin Klenk with Nowak and Fraus Engineers at  
313-965-2444 or the City of Hazel Park Department of Public Works 
at  248-542-0340  if  there  are  any  questions  or  concerns  regarding 
the proposed work. 
The  construction  will  be  completed  as  quickly  as  possible  and  we 
apologize  for  the  inconvenience  this  may  cause  and  thank  you  in 
advance for your cooperation. With your help and cooperation, this 
project will progress to a timely completion. 

Sidewalk Replacement Program
Continuing Section 5 - Fall 2019
Click here for more info 

City Tree Maintenance Program
Continuing Winter 2019/2020