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John R Resurfacing Project - 8 Mile to I-75

This project is scheduled to start in the Spring of 2019.
This fall, the City's Contractor will begin the process of resurfacing:
John R from 8 Mile to the South bound I-75 Service Drive
First, they will be Milling. The grinding of the current surface in preparation for new black top.
Businesses may lose driveway access at times during this project. Parking on side streets will be available and street parking enforcement in these areas will be suspending during this project.
After milling, Contractors will also be replacing any damaged concrete related to the project.
Once concrete has been cured, new black top will be laid, and then new street markings will be painted.
Delays are possible due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances.
This project will take several weeks to complete. A completion date is not possible at this time.
For everyone’s safety, please stay clear of the areas that have work occurring. Also, please obey any temporary signage that has been set out.
A start or completion date is not possible at this time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:
The Department of Public Works MON-THUR – 7:00am to 3:00pm - 248-542-0340.

Sidewalk Replacement Program
Continuing Section 5 - Spring 2019
Click here for more info 

City Tree Maintenance Program
Starting February 4, 2019
Target streets are Harding, Hoover and Hughes