City Tree Maintenance Program

Starting February 4, 2019

The Target streets at this time will be Harding, Hoover and Hughes

The City of Hazel Park has approximately 4000 trees to maintain. 
City Trees are any trees within the parkway. The section between the sidewalk and the street.
In order to ensure safety and walkability, The City has developed a City Tree Maintenance Program.

The Department of Public Works is working with J. H. Hart Urban Forestry, one of the largest full-service urban forestry companies in the state since 1988. They are certified arborists dedicated to providing the highest-quality tree and plant health care management available.

J.H. Hart will be evaluating each City tree for its health and integrity.

Any trees that are healthy and can properly continue to grow within the parkway and not cause any damage to the surrounding lands will be trimmed back.

Any trees found to be diseased, dying, or a nuisance will be taken down.

Trees that are removed will then be put on a stump removal list, after the stump has been removed the DPW will restore the area with top soil and grass seed.

Following the Tree maintenance program will be the Sidewalk replacement program

After the sidewalk replacement program is complete, the Tree replanting program will follow. But until then residents can replace the trees themselves with an application to the Public Works Building if they wish to do so. Applications can be found here or at the Public Works Office.

If anyone has questions or concerns please contact: The Department of Public Works - Mon-Thurs - 7am to 3pm. 248-542-0340